• General:

    • What is the ERISTICA platform and what is it for?

      Eristica – is a platform that provides a decentralized way for anyone to participate in challenges, contests and online competitions.

    • Who is it for?

      Eristica is absolutely for all users who don't hesitate to show themselves and want to earn some extra money via accepting or sending challenges.

    • Is it available on my device?

      Our application is available for Android and iOS.

    • How do you make money?

      We charge a commission of 3% from each CHALLENGE where stake is ERT tokens. For GOLD we don't charge any commission.

  • Basics:

    • How do challenges work?

      Every person undertaking the Challenge (i.e. the participant who wants to perform the Challenge and submit an entry) must agree to the following:
      • Participant must put down the amount described in the Stake section. By accepting the Challenge you agree to put the specified Stake amount. Each Challenge has 2 participants facing off each other.
      • As the participant of the Challenge after accepting it you have to Upload Proof of your entry which must be in the form of a video of you accomplishing the task described in the Challenge details.
      • After both participants have uploaded their Proofs the Challenge goes to Eristica Community Voting – each user on Eristica is able to vote and verify if you’ve done a good job of completing the Challenge or your video entry doesn’t match the criteria in the description of the Challenge.
      • There can only be one winner from the two participants. Whoever wins the Community Voting, gets the whole Prize amount – they get their own Stake back plus the opponent's Stake. The total prize ends up being 2X Stake prize.
      • Participants who do not win do not get their Stake amount back but have a chance to win it back in other Challenges they take on in the future.
    • What is GOLD for?

      It’s simply another fun currency in our app which you can use to create challenges and set prizes for anyone in Eristica community to participate in the challenge. You can participate in other challenges with a GOLD prize and convert your GOLD to ERT instantly.

    • What is POINTS?

      Your points are calculated based on the prizes you win from the challenges you participate in. The more challenges you win, the more prizes and points you get. Get points to reach top position in the Leaderboard.

    • How to cash out the winnings?

      Soon it will be possible to exchange Gold for ERT after reaching a certain amount.

    • How do I create the challenge?

      Press “My challenges” button, choose “My action” and press “Create”. After that, you will be redirected to the challenge create section.

    • How can I get featured?

      Accept Challenges and shoot amazing videos that’s the right way to become the star of Eristica.

    • Where can I accept the Challenges?

      For this we created “Open Challenges” section, where you can choose any challenge from the list what you will find there.

    • How can I earn more Gold or ERT?

      You can earn more Gold or ERT by winning the challenges or you can buy them in our Store.

    • Can I win real money?

      You can win Gold or ERT and exchange them into real money on COINSUPER exchange.

  • ERT Token:

    • How to buy ERT?

      You can buy ERT tokens on COINSUPER exchange.

    • What is ERT tokens and why are they needed?

      ERT tokens are not stocks, goods or investments. ERT is a cryptocurrency that will be received by those users who will support campaigns launched on the platform. This is in-game currency which users earn for winning contests or for successful predictions. Through the tokens, users can participate in challenges with celebrities or use them to buy access to ecosystem services.

    • Where does ERT come from?

      ERT tokens were issued on 14th of February 2018 with a limited supply.

    • How to sell ERT?

      ERT can be sold on COINSUPER exchange

    • How to add ERT token to your Ethereum wallet on MyEtherWallet?

      In order to add a token, you need to specify the address of the smart contract from which they were accrued to you, and specify:
      address = 0x92A5B04D0ED5D94D7a193d1d334D3D16996f4E13
      name = ERT
      decimals = 18

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